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Hiccups on the path to greatness...
Published on April 2, 2007 By CerebroJD In Docks
Well, we're now into the beta testing phase for the popular graphical shortcut and taskbar replacement, ObjectDock!  However, with all developement, there are growing pains as well.  Its best to get them all gathered together here in one place, where the developer can pop in and keep us all up to speed on changes and fixes.

Without further ado, I declare this thread open for business!

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on Apr 02, 2007
I'll start things off.

I'm running Vista Ultimate, dual monitors, all docks on my primary screen.

-- When in the 'Dock Entry Properties' window, you cannot change the icon by drag/dropping a png/ico file onto the icon area.  I seem to recall this being a feature before, and the '+' shows up when you drag an icon over it... the icon just doesnt change.  Bug?

-- The alerts for new 'stuff' in windows (glow, bounce, rock, etc.) seem a little overly sensitive.  I'm in Firefox right now, and everytime I click a different tab, the tasbar icon bounces.  Toss iTunes into the mix, and it gets even more fun... When I switch to iTunes to any other application, ALL the icons for Explorer windows bounce!

on Apr 02, 2007
I'm in Firefox right now, and everytime I click a different tab, the tasbar icon bounces.

Same here, also tested IE7, same thing with it, the attention effect is even activated when closing a tab. When open something in a new tab the effect runs until the page is completely loaded. With some of them, tested glow, shrink and grow and shrink and grow centered, using 90% cpu for me (2.4 gig celeron), this is no improvement over 1.5 cpu usage wise, when add that effects are used with all tab actions and page loads it starts slowing things down.
OD config is using about 40% cpu on open and 90% on close, again same as 1.5 did.
on Apr 03, 2007
I lost a Trillian window while playing with the min/max.

Had to right click on taskbar, choose move.  Mouse was in upper left corner.  I right arrowed until it came back on screen.
on Apr 03, 2007
Just the kindof stuff we were looking for Thanks for the reports - the flashing bit fixed for the next refresh. Had to redesign the taskbar functionality due to Vista's UAC and that piece got would "flash" whenever the title of a window changed. Should be refreshing tomorrow

Zubaz - able to reproduce the losing of the window at all? That's odd that it would move...ObjectDock never moves the window. Was it able to still minimize/restore while it was "lost?

About dragging & dropping onto OD to change icons - are you running it "As an Admin"? I used a workaround we found for the config dialogs starting with the next refresh for drag & drop but in general in Vista dragging from non-elevated windows (explorer) to elevated windows (ObjectDock, if you run it as admin) is specifically denied by windows.

on Apr 03, 2007
This might be an easy one to answer but I was wondering how an international user goes about getting the weather docklet to work? I've looked for a code on for my city but I can't find any place to get it.
Have I overlooked something really simple?

Any ideas?
on Apr 03, 2007
I do have it running as Administrator.

-- I also found a graphical hiccup in the dialog for changing the icon of a dock entry.  The box is too short for the entire Ok and Cancel buttons to be displayed.  However, this only happens when a WindowBlind skin is applied.  I hesitate to ask, but are you using standard Window Forms for that dialog?  It seems a little off at times... with the Ok and Cancel buttons sometimes being centered, sometimes being right-aligned (in addition to being chopped off at the knees).

Haxxed off at the knees!
on Apr 03, 2007
I can reproduce The Trillian3 basic window disappearing at will just by clicking like a crazy person on the IRC chanel window.  It's really not a stretch for me. 

Tested with non-IRC window (just because) and it fails the same way. 
on Apr 03, 2007
I can reproduce The Trillian3 basic window disappearing at will just by acting normal in the IRC chanel window.


-- ObjectDock isnt properly staying on top of other windows right now, even though I have both zoomer docks set to 'Always on Top.'  Instead, right now I cant see either, as this Firefox window has parked its butt right in front of them.  I shall experiment further.  Tried restarted OD as well.

EDIT:  Ok, by setting both docks to be always on bottom, then setting them back to being always on top, the problem seems to have gone away.  Will notify if it happens again.
on Apr 03, 2007
I was wondering how an international user goes about getting the weather docklet to work?

i dont know the answer but u might have better luck if u create a fresh posttt.

on Apr 03, 2007
I think the idea is to keep all issues confined to the one thread to make it easier to keep track of, but thanks for the reply jimmyyy.  
on Apr 03, 2007
New weather module doesn't work very well... "Stockholm, Sweden" is where I live and I find it on accuweather but cant enter anything that makes it find it in the dock...

// MickeM
on Apr 03, 2007
DigiCHET: Shouldn't need a code, you should be able to type in the location AccuWeather recognizes and it should show up. Given we did have some problems early on with missing locations...even places like Berlin weren't matching up Hoping this is closer to cleared up though.

Update on your problem Zubas, I installed Trillian so that I could reproduce and was able to 100%. Tried some things and think I found a workaround, but again hoping that more problems don't arise with "funky" apps. I can just picture the scenario where some app is doing something really crazy during restore and has compatibility problems. So everyone please try out my minimize/restore function with the goofiest custom apps you have, and minimize/restore furiously!! I've been tryin with everyhing I've got and haven't gotten it to break, trillian now included. Even installed a bunch of random apps on my system to test New build will be up tomorrow that has an updated mechanism so hold off to try with that

Always On Top is the bane of my existance. Windows is so ugly with it. You'd be shocked how often windows just says "OK, i did it!" about setting you to on top, and it didn't. It lied. I have things going all over the place to make sure that I'm actually on top without being forceful (e.g. on top during games) If anyone ever figures out something 100% reproducable regarding always on top buggage i'll throw you a party lol.

CerebroJD: yeah no the Choose Image dialog, not a standard form...not using .NET and such so I dont have stuff to move stuff around for me automatically on resize it has to be done by hand But...looks like we're seeing a WB glitch there, after experimenting, yeah it's improperly handling me resizing during creation. I'll forward on to Neil, but managed to workaround for within OD at least. Hopefully you won't see it behaving funny anymore

That's it for tonight, bedtime - refresh build tomorrow

ObjectDock Dev
on Apr 03, 2007
Thanks Jeff!  I like how quickly you implement fixes during Beta releases... it really helps to know that problems are being visibly addressed!  Cant wait for the build.
on Apr 03, 2007
All your hard work is appreciated Thank You !~!

Dragging a separator off the dock caused OD+ to close, worked fine when using the option to remove in configuration window.

I love the new option to chose which open windows I want to show

But now I can not have both open windows & my system tray showing at the same time. I always had my running tasks showing on the right side & when I wanted my system tray, ( which I only use occasionally to access a program) showing I had it on the left.

After checking the box for *Display open windows along with my icons, then selecting *Display system tray icons along with my icons, the open windows disappear. I would like to continue having both show up.

And thanks for the included tip for changing system tray icons, I was not aware it was possible.

It's My Secret
on Apr 03, 2007
Icons which doesn't have large sizes end up tiny with a square box around it.
This is running Vista. Vista display that kind of icons when a file doesn't provide an icon in big enough size. But it appears that OD+ now uses that icon itself instead of stretching it up like it used to. Makes the icons nearly impossible to read.

I know I can replace the icons, but I'd prefer to have it the way it used to so I wouldn't need to replace them.